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First of, thank you for checking out my work. My name is Sebastian and I was born and raised in a small town in Sweden. 

I started making knives in 2012.

Most of my designs are made with the theme ”Less is more”.

I have drawn up a lot of crazy designs but I always seem to come back to more simpler lines. I believe that the perfect handel would be drawn with only four lines.

The design process is quite simple, I usually start with a crude drawing on paper. The drawing is then scanned into a CAD program and all the mechanics is put in place. After that comes the hard work with steel and metals.


Besides my knifemaking "hobby" I have a fulltime job as a forklift mechanic. Because of that I may not get all the time I want in the shop. And I make a very scarce amount of knives every year. But as the old saying goes.


Quality before quantity

Handmade Knives Handgjorda Fällknivar
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