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When I started making knives I knew I would need tools. What I didn't know was the amount of special tools I would need to make.

Sure you can make very fine knives with very few tools, but the tools here have really saved my butt more then a few times.


Making tools is so much fun, especially when you get to use them later on. I only have one advice when it comes to making you own tools. Make them as you would make your knives. I have alot of tools that looks half finished and not very nice. I made them when I really needed them in a bind and had to cut corners. But now I wished I would have taken my time and finished to better standard.


The tools on the right side here are a small tapfollower, extracting tool for pivot rings, a holder for pivot rings and a small arbor for turning small washers.

Sebastian Larsson Custom Tools


When you make folding knives you need a good screwdriver.

After I realised that I decided to make my own. I made them out of brass so they would have some heft to them. 

They all use the standard 1/4" bit size. The bits are sturdy and super cheap to buy, which make them an excellent choice for us knifemakers.

On top of the screwdriver is a small ballbearing. With the driver in hand and index finger on relived part, you can thread in a screw very fast.


I have sold a lot of these to fellow knifemakers and knifecollectors. As of right now I'm not accepting any more orders on them.


If you have any of my drivers, please e-mail me a picture with them on your workbench and I will upload them here.


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